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Pre-Kindergarten - Ready, Set, GO!

In the Pre-K class, we tend to have four year olds with fall birthdays (that have missed the date cut-off for kindergarten) or new five year olds with summer birthdays who choose another year of preschool.  Our teachers meet the children where they are to expand on their academic skills, in a fun, play-based classroom.  The Pre-K class enjoys additional field trips and lots of hands-on learning with science experiments and cooking in class!


M - F 9:30am - 1:30pm 



Pre-K Daily Schedule (9:30 - 1:30)

  • Greeting - Teachers greet families and children sign-in and complete morning work until entire class arrives.

  • Morning Circle Time - Discuss the plan for the day, leader of the day leads class in pledge, weather, calendar, Wilson sounds, daily count

  • Center Play - Children rotate through various centers focusing on different skills (ie: Dramatic play area, building, art/writing center, puppets, cars and trucks, playdoh or sensory table, etc).  One center is the teacher table where children work  with the teacher on a skill or playing a more detailed game.

  • Snack - The leader sets the table and distributes snack


  • Circle Time - Sing songs, play a whole group game or read a story that connects with the learning theme.  Teacher Introduces project

  • Whole group project - The whole group project can be a multi-step art project, a science experiment or cooking a simple recipe.

  • Playground - Outside play, in inclement weather large motor activities (bikes, ride-on toys, ball games, etc.) 


  • Lunch

  • Quiet reading or puzzles until everyone finishes lunch

  • End of Day Circle - Discuss the day and what's ahead for tomorrow.  

  • Dismissal

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